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DVD Shrinker

One-click DVD shrinker software.

If you need to shrink and copy your DVD movies to blank DVD or CD try One-click DVD Shrinker. This DVD shrinker can shrink your 9Gb DVD movies into a single DVD-R or CD-R, or split into two DVD-R without loss of quality. One-click DVD Shrinker is extremely easy in use, you even don't need to run it. Just right-click your DVD and pick "Shrink DVD" option on the right-click menu to copy and shrink your DVD. It takes just a click!

Why DVD shrinker?

DVD movies are usually written on 9Gb Double-layer DVDs which are quite expensive. When you make a DVD copy you need the same EXPENSIVE blank DVD. DVD shrinker can compress("shrink") your DVD movie in a special way so it will fit regular DVD-R disk which is dramatically cheaper!

DVD Shrinker and DVD quality

Some words about quality loss when use DVD shrinker. Yes, when you shrink any double-layer DVD into a regular DVD-R you loss video quality, but not much. When you shrink DVD to a CD-R you get even more quality loss, but it's still good enough to watch! However you may choose the third option in One-click DVD Shrinker. It allows you to copy DVD movies using TWO standard DVD-R WITHOUT quality loss! This DVD shrinker is the only software allowing this option. One-click DVD Shrinker can split DVD movie into two parts and copy each part to a separate DVD-R. In fact you get the same DVD movie without loss of quality on two DVD-R disks.

Shrink DVD movies in one click.

Making shrinked DVD copy never was so easy before. One-click DVD Shrinker gives you the easiest way to make a backup copy of any DVD movies. Forget about complicated copying and shrinking software, you won't get stack among buttons and menus with 1-click DVD Shrinker. Just download and install this outstanding DVD Shrinker and feel free to right-click any DVD movie, anywhere on your PC to make a copy in just one click! This unique DVD shrinker can copy DVD movies, split 9Gb DVD into two standard DVD-R without quality loss or shrink DVD both to a single DVD-R and CD-R. Select the media you want for your movies - two DVD, a single DVD or a single CD, now you have a choice!

Shrink 9Gb DVD to 4.7Gb DVD-R.

This option of DVD Shrinker provides high quality of DVD movie on regular DVD-R disks instead of expensive Double-layer DVD. DVD movie is shrinked to fit single DVD-R, but the qualuty is kept very close to original DVD. This option is the most common choice for everyone. You use cheap DVD-R and never lost the quality with One-click DVD Shrinker.

Shrink DVD movie into CD-R.

One-click DVD Shrinker can compress your movies to fit CD-R disks. CD-R are very cheap, and they can be read by almost any old video system that doesn't supports DVD. The weak point is the movie loss video quality when it's shrinked to a CD.

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January 22, 2011

One-click DVD Shrinker 1.1 released! Copy and shrink any DVD movies with this easy to use DVD Shrinker. Shrink 9Gb DVD to 4.7Gb DVD-R without loss of quality. Download DVD Shrinker now

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